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"Making Home Possible"

"Making Home Possible" is a project led by The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES). The project aims to solve the lack of affordable housing and provide internships, mentoring, and work opportunities.

Why? Franklin County does not have a Homeless Shelter or Youth Center. As a result, runaway, drop-out, and homeless youth are in dangerous situations where they are influenced, groomed, sexually assaulted, used for free labor, and many other nefarious purposes.  

Our "CES Changemakers" are working hard to solve this problem by learning how to build tiny homes on wheels, which are safe, private, and comfortable spaces. "Making Home Possible" will initially house homeless youth and young adults in a supervised setting. In addition, CES plans to expand its customer base to serve the elderly, veterans, and those seeking a simpler lifestyle by becoming more skilled in our manufacturing and business procedures.

How can I help???
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Exterior Axon 02A - Tiny Home.png
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