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A very special thank you to
Denise Correll of The Grateful Messenger for allowing us to be on your podcast and to 
Jeremy Grant of The Timbercross for helping us to tell our story by video.

The Grateful MessengerCES Introduction
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Please visit our friend Denise of the Grateful Messenger through the link below.  

What can we say about Jeremy from The Timbercross? 
He chose us, and we chose him.  

When we interviewed Jeremy for his Videography skillset, the first sentence out of his mouth after we explained our project was, "I want to be part of this project, I was THAT kid."  We knew he would give us his all.  Jeremy attributes much of his success to the amazing support he received from his small-town community.  He learned about love, support, and how to live, making good choices to help others no matter what the situation was.  He learned many lessons on hard work, honesty, and the value each one of us truly has.

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