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The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies Storefront serves as a GIFT STORE open to the community and an internship site where our Youth Entrepreneurs (a.k.a. "Changemakers") intern and learn professional and business skills.  Participants learn communication skills and customer service skills necessary to succeed in business.  Learning is a process where making eye contact, white-glove service, professionalism, money handling, end-of-day reporting, and more are learned through modeling, feedback, and training.

You can find high-quality trending items from gift store suppliers, local artisans, and youth entrepreneurs at the CES Main Street Gift Store.  Products are carefully selected, and input from participants is often an opportunity to learn about purchasing.  When a participant wants to bring in a particular product line, issuing a purchase order and placing the order with the manufacturer or sales rep is another opportunity to learn the lingo associated with completing a wholesale order. 

Our MAKERSPACE is where products are developed and branded by Youth (and an occasional adult.)  We have various tools such as computers, printers, hand tools, a Glowforge, a Cricut, and a 3D printer available.  Included in the Makerspace are business desks and equipment so that participants can become familiar with the office settings and what would typically take place in a business environment.  Students have access to barcoding equipment to make SKUs for their products and worksheets to complete purchase orders when they enter their inventory into the point-of-sale system.  Students must know their product(s), "Cost of Goods Sold," and retail prices before merchandising and selling their product in the Gift Store. 

Check out our store in downtown Farmington, between Java Joe's and Tuck's Ale House at 156 Main Street, Farmington, Maine 04938. Phone Number: (207) 779-1779.

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  • White glove Customer Sales & Service

  • Proper Business Etiquette

  • Business Terminology

  • Point of Sale Processing

  • Money Handling Techniques

  • Financial Reporting

  • Profit and Loss

  • Balance Sheet

  • Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

  • Marketing & Merchandising

  • Inventory Management

  • Quality Control & Job Materials

  • Wholesale Ordering & Trade Shows

  • Work and Career Readiness Skills

  • Collaboration & Teamwork

  • Values - Hard work, Compassion, Integrity, Service, Discipline, & Trust

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